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residential kitchen remodel
Residential Remodeling

Many families have decided, in this economy, to remodel or make additions to their homes rather than try to sell and buy new. There are numerous items to think about before obtaining a bid from a construction company for a property remodel.


For instance, will the layout of the home be changing? If so, will the location of walls, electrical, plumbing or gas lines be changed? Do you wish to keep existing ceiling type, wall texture, flooring… etc., or replace these items and features with new ones?


The more of these questions you can answer up front, the more accurate and detailed bid we can give you.

Bathroom Remodel

It’s vital that you realize that each feature you select for your home remodel project (flooring, wall texture, lighting fixtures… etc.) as well as the material you select for each feature (wooden flooring, carpet, stone tile, ceramic tile... etc.) can have a large impact on the overall cost of the project. Giving your home remodeling contractor specific information about your particular tastes and selections up-front will help them develop an accurate project summary for you.


Be wary of any estimates you receive from a remodeling contractor that don’t have specific items, fixtures and project specifications listed. Many contractors will often advertise a low-cost up-front price, which frequently includes the least expensive materials available and the minimum amount of work (occasionally even leaving out items as important as carpet or painting).


In the long term, these “low-priced” contracts often result in expensive adjustments and extra charges when the client realizes the cheapest items are not what they want once the project is already under way. Before beginning a home renovation project of any size or scope, there are important questions to ask your remodeling contractor, for example: Will the project require architectural drawings or county permits? They are required any time you need to move structural walls, plumbing or electrical wiring, which are involved in the majority of home remodeling projects. It’s always an advantage if you are able to locate the original structure drawings for your home; they can save both time and money on a new remodeling project.


Some contractors may offer to do work without doing the required structural plans or pulling required permits to save on cost.​Please remember, while the permit process can occasionally be inconvenient or cumbersome, it is ultimately in place to safeguard you, the homeowner, as well as the structural integrity of your home. A good, experienced general contractor will know what types of drawings and/or permits are required for the project. It is your responsibility to make sure that the remodeling contractor you hire has a county license as well as a current, valid state contractor’s license and the appropriate insurance to manage your project.

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